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Centeye is a leading developer of extremely compact vision systems for robotics and embedded platforms. By using our “vertically integrated” design methodology, we design vision systems holistically across the optics, image sensor, and algorithm layers to implement “smart cameras” that weigh as little as a fraction of a gram and yet provide visual awareness of the environment.

We are most known for our pioneering work in optical flow sensor technologies for small flying robots, including our ability to implement in grams what others struggle to implement in kilograms. We claim many firsts in this field, including the first to fly an optical flow sensor weighing several grams on a small flying robot (in 2000), the first to demonstrate obstacle avoidance on a flying robot (in 2003), and the first to enable a small helicopter to hover in place using purely visual information (in 2008).

Applications of our technology include the following:

  • Vision based stability and obstacle detection for very small, fast flying drones
  • Compact, fast vision sensors for industrial applications
  • Vision sensors for traffic monitoring and physical analytics

Our customers include commercial enterprises, government, and universities. Please contact us if you have any questions.