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Centeye Autonomous Nano Drone with 360 Degree Stereo Vision

Centeye Autonomous Nano Drone with 360 Degree Stereo Vision

As part of our efforts to develop practical vision-based flight control, Centeye has developed a new version of our nano drone containing 360 degree vision and obstacle avoidance. The system is built on a modified Crazyflie. Below are pictures and specifications for this system, which we are using for internal work and providing to our partners. The system is operational. New videos will be released in the coming months.


Centeye nano unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with 360-degree stereo vision

  • 360-degree optical flow and obstacle perception
  • Operation from daylight to no light
  • Automatic launch to hover
  • Moves in direction commanded by human operator
  • Holds a position when control sticks released
  • Detects and avoids approaching obstacles, including textureless walls
  • 100% GPS-denied
  • Built on a Crazyflie platform
  • Size: Rotors form 6 cm square
  • Mass: 38 g including battery



Centeye Multi-Mode Stereo Sensor:

  • 2 x Centeye RockCreek™ vision chips, with two-mode pixels and analog contrast enhancement/edge detection circuitry
  • Custom wide field of view (up to 150°) optics
  • Optical flow
  • Stereo vision
  • Laser ranging
  • LED illumination
  • Mass: 1.0 grams
  • Power: As little as 60 mA @ 4V
  • Neural network-based attention modulation


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